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Healthy Palmetto


The Healthy Palmetto Leadership Council serves as the state coalition of organizations that collectively addresses healthy eating, active living, and healthy weight for the Live Healthy SC State Health Improvement Plan. South Carolina is fortunate to have great momentum around healthy eating and active living. Our purpose is to unify and mobilize healthy eating and active living efforts that create equitable opportunities for all South Carolinians to achieve a healthy weight.


The Healthy Palmetto Leadership Council, consisting of state agencies, academic institutions, non-profit and private organizations, and funders serves as the state coalition that collectively addresses healthy eating, active living, and healthy weight for the Live Healthy SC State Health Improvement Plan.


We envision a South Carolina where health is a priority and ALL community members have access to healthy, delicious food and safe, inviting places to be physically active.


As of 2019, South Carolina became one of the sixteen current states with adult obesity rates above 35 percent. The annual Trust for America's Health State of Obesity report offers key insight into rising rates within our state and throughout the country, and also offers evidence-based strategies and policies to help inform the efforts of Healthy Palmetto and its partners. 

A direct link to the full TFAH Report can be found here.

We know that lifestyle behaviors begin with our children and in South Carolina we have a unique data set showing measured health-related fitness data of our public school students - South Carolina FitnessGram. This data not only provides information on the children of South Carolina, but also helps us to predict the trend for adult health outcomes. Data from the 2020-2021 school year shows that 42% of students are overweight or obese and 57% are not meeting health-related standards for cardiorespiratory fitness.

To learn more about our children's health and fitness, a link to full SC FitnessGram reports can be found here.  


The Live Healthy SC State Health Improvement Plan lays out the foundation for giving everyone a chance to live a healthy life. It is a call to action for South Carolinians to take data-driven, evidence-based steps to advance the health and well-being of all South Carolinians. Healthy Palmetto aligns with the Chronic Health Conditions priority of the State Health Improvement Plan. The Chronic Health Conditions priority aims for partners to take action to promote healthy lifestyles and environments that prevent chronic conditions.  

OUR PRIORITIES (2022-2023)

The Healthy Palmetto Leadership Council has selected six priority areas on which to focus its state-wide efforts. By elevating the collective expertise of these unique partners, we will lay the groundwork for a sustainable model that other priorities can be added to over time. Together, we can achieve more and contribute to a healthier South Carolina!

Improve Outdoor Environments in Early Care and Education

Support the efforts of Grow Outdoors SC to increase young children’s access to quality, naturalized outdoor environments that support play and learning across all domains of development in early care and education

Prioritize Physical Activity in Schools

Support SC FitnessGram partners to improve student health by enhancing physical education (PE) and creating more opportunities for physical activity before, during, and after school

Promote Trail Connectivity 

Support the development of a SC trails coalition to increase trail connectivity in SC and promote the use of trails through increased knowledge and outreach

Expand Awareness of WIC 

Expand awareness of the benefits and services of SC DHEC Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) to increase enrollment of eligible participants

Increase Senior Enrollment in SNAP

Support the SC Department on Aging and SC Thrive to increase enrollment of eligible older adults in SNAP through community-based outreach

Increase Access to Healthy Food 

Support the SC Food Policy Council to strengthen local food systems in South Carolina; address food insecurity through the health care system by expanding screening & referral tools and resources; and explore strategies to address community design for physical activity and access to healthy food



Healthy Palmetto Sponsor List


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